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Every year over 100 courses are offered to students in the Spring for the upcoming school year. All students receive an email notifying them that the 2022-2023 Course Selection Book (which contains course descriptions) is available online. School counselors meet with all students in March to complete course requests for the upcoming year.

AP Policy Student and Parent Agreement

Course Selection Instructions

Course Drop/Add Policy

The following are the guidelines for course drop/add once the school year has begun (unless extenuating circumstances exist):

Drop: Up to 6 weeks into the course   (please take into account the course add policy)

Add/Replace:  No later than 3 weeks into the course. After 3 weeks, a student may only add a Study Hall or Teacher Aid for that semester.

In-Year Phase Changes

The following are the guidelines for phasing up/down during the school year (unless extenuating circumstances exist):


In-year phase changes must be decided and enacted by the end of the first marking period.


  • Parents/Guardians and their student should review performance with the current teacher and discuss options before initiating rephasing.
  • To initiate a discussion about phasing, a student, parent, teacher, or counselor should open a discussion among all stakeholders.
  • All parties must come to a consensus before the student is moved.

Please Consider the Following:

  • Grades earned in the current phase will follow student to the new phase.
  • Students rephasing are responsible for essential course content missed when switching between classes and may need to work independently to complete assignments.
  • Phasing is based on academic aptitude rather than academic performance.
  • Phase changes in one course may require significant schedule changes.
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